President:  L B E W (Wali) van der Putt
Treasurer: André Alexander Mas
Secretary: Jos van den Heuvel
Member: Pim Claassen

Contact address:  Stadionkade 30 - 1st, 1077 VN Amsterdam.
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Current team

Following Sharif Graham's return to the United States the Nekbakht Foundation invited Anne Louise Wirgman to take on the role of Archivist and Editor. Anne Louise (Sufi name Qahira) is an English mureed and had worked with Sharif Graham on the Suluk Europe courses where he teaches on the life of Murshid. Sharif inducted her in the editing process during visits in 2011 and from April to August 2012.

Shahbaz Alex Dijk, a Dutch mureed based in Zutphen, the Netherlands, joined the team in 2013. Shahbaz is a graduate of the Suluk Europe class, Parvana; journalist; author of Onze Ene Stem ("Our One Voice"), and author of the forthcoming biography of Shaikh al-Mashaik Mahmood Khan Youskine (son of Murshid's brother Maheboob). Shahbaz obtained his Masters Degree in Philosophy from Radboud University Nijmegen in 2018. In his thesis he discusses attempts to introduce the Sufi philosopher Suhrawardi to the realm of Social and Political Philosophy.

Shahbaz taught himself the Pont Shorthand System used by Nekbakht Furnée, and after a practice period began transcribing documents for the 1926 Volume III, which is currently being prepared. He and Berthi van der Bent Hemel (see past workers) corresponded by email and have worked together on several occasions, meeting in Suresnes. Since Berthi retired from the work in 2018 Shahbaz has taken on the remaining work, endeavouring to complete the final shorthand transcriptions in the course of 2019.

Shahbaz is father to Félix, who was born in 2017, and he and his partner are currently expecting their second child.

Anne Louise Wirgman is currently working on the reprint of the 1979 Biography of Pir o Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan, and a reproduction of the magazine Sufi published in London between 1915-1920.